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Unleash the power of your mind

The program


The most important investment that a person can make before undertaking any of life’s projects is by far the one most easy to overlook. We have within us a mechanism that generates between 40 and 60 thoughts a Minute. Most of these thoughts skip by without us being consciously aware, yet they can by their nature either make or break us. Are your thoughts constructive or do they tend to be destructive? Do you realize that you can control them and you can direct them towards the type of life you desire?


‘Unleash the power of your mind’ is a is a program of 15 hours over 5 weeks given in a formal class type setting followed by 12 monthly follow up meetings. The lectures are accompanied by a 150 page training manual containing 5 sealed chapters – one per week, through which you are taught how to surpass your limits, reach your goals and by example, become a meaningful influence to others


 The program requires an open mind, the desire and willingness to do the work. For the duration of the program you will be expected to invest 45 – 50 minutes a day in homework and practice dropping to a 15 minute daily mental routine that makes your life work just the way you want.

Keep in mind that you will get out of the program exactly what you put in. it is an investment in your future.


Week 1 - 3h

Your thoughts, their influence and the laws that govern it

We spend most of our time reacting to what surrounds us. Whether at work or at home, we are unconsciously influences and all too often negatively - Why?


Week 2 – 3h

We begin the process and with it techniques which work We want to start changing the way we react to the events, the situations and circumstances that happens to us in our lives and we will learn two exciting new techniques that elicit an immediate understanding of how our attention was focused and how it has affected our quality of life.

We'll show you how to pay attention to your personal guidance system and how to use it keep unwanted situations distant



Week 3 - 3h
Creativity in all conscience
A very powerful technique will be presented to you. It will give you the opportunity to draw your life path conscientiously and prove to you beyond a doubt that you have a huge responsibility for what happens to you in your life


Week 4  - 3h
Looks at the need for us to remove our limitations

We will identify the limits that we have imposed or that we have let others impose on us and come to the understanding that if we look at our reality from different points of view, our interpretation of the reality will also change. Also, we will focus on the importance of the daily exercises learned during the program to assure us the quality of life we wish to enjoy.

We will look at how to access the 92% of our abilities that we don’t generally use and give amazing examples of what happens when we learn how



Week 5 - 3h
The importance of moving from the subjective to the objective .
Also a revision of the 4 weeks
We will review the techniques taught and will present you a great tool for moving from subjective to the objective when looking at a particular situation  


Monthly meetings (for 12 months)
The last Monday of the month, the rolls change and our grads become our teachers.

Students who completed the program meet other graduates, receive additional support, and learn new techniques, and share successes  

They are really advanced classes where we push the limits and advance by sharing with fellow grads that have completely surpassed their limits.