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In the early 60’s, John Kobel, attended Stanstead College (a renown boarding school in Stanstead Quebec) where he learned the importance of being a free thinker. After receiving a BA from Concordia University and being admitted to the Faculty of Law of McGill University, he decided to change his trajectory and turned to the world of the arts where he created innovative techniques used in the precise reproduction of fine works of art and in1986 received his first US patent for the Collochrome process from which became the sharpest and most precise images in the world for the next 22 years used almost exclusively by the scientific community including the Canadian Space Agency with the RadarSat 1 satelite (Canada), Landsat (USA), Hubble space telescope (USA) and Spot image (France) . In 1996, his invention of the Tricolour process was officially launched by Fuji at the prestigious PMA show in Las Vegas, USA. This product was used widely by companies such as the Cirque de Soleil and Channel.    


Through the years in research and development, John Kobel developed a parallel expertise in the realm of the conscientious management of our thoughts and founded in 2003 the company ‘4 weeks to freedom inc’ which teaches that "We as a people have abilities that go far beyond anything that we could even begin to imagine". John Kobel teaches how to access that knowledge and with precise instructions gives students the ability to create a happier, healthier and more prosperous environment in which to live and how by implicating themselves, have a profound impact on their environment and world.

Through the program ‘Unleash the power of your mind’ we learn to access our sixth sense and innate knowledge through which we observe an amazing and incredibly simplistic environment through which we have the ability to experience a life of opportunity and good fortune.